Email and Spam


SupraNet’s email service provides top notch service to assure you’re never far from your valuable data. Whether you need one or 10,000 email addresses, SupraNet has a plan that will keep your lines of communication open. Features of SupraNet’s email service include:

  • Use of your own domain name
  • Convenient web interface to check email away from the office
  • Customized Spam and Virus Filtering
  • 2 GB storage availability

Spam and Virus Filtering

With email the preferred means of business communication, the amount of unsolicited and deceptive email continues to grow. SupraNet offers a comprehensive Spam filtering service to combat this nuisance and significantly decrease the amount of Spam and virus infected email your company receives.

Features and Benefits

  • Scans all emails before they enter your network, allowing for less Spam clogging your inbox.
  • Permits technical staff to spend less time troubleshooting infected emails and recovering files.
  • Increase employees productivity by eliminating their need to sort through and delete unwanted emails.
  • Saves on money and resources that were once necessary to maintain larger numbers of emails.
  • Allows for custom blacklisting and whitelisting by domain or email with the web-based user front end.
  • Queues mail temporarily at our network if your email service goes down.
  • Works in conjunction with any email platform.

SupraNet Spam and Virus Filtering is a perfect pair with our email service, or that of your own provider. Let our stringent email filters take care of your unwanted email once and for all!